Hello Beauties,

today i show you everything about the third Day Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week.

Decentraland Community Runway Show 

The Decentraland Community is really special and wonderful. When you be a part of this wonderful people, they are always there for you and never let you down! Thank you for being a part of this amazing PPL.

Great people i met here in the Space with a lot of ideas and great visions. Also, i need to say Tangpoko you nailed it! The Brazilian Community is always a blast and there are so many more to talk about. Atrovenanda and Atrovenando, Neo DCL, GG, Metatiger, Canessa, Isa, Nina, Mili and much more …… we love ya!

David Cash you nailed it with your Collection of Cash labs. I LOVE IT


Celebrate the spirit of Dame Vivienne Westwood by walking our catwalk in your most ‚anti-fashion‘ wearables. Your photo will be taken for an IRL exhibition later this year!

Who was Vivienne Westwood and what is anti-fashion? Dame Vivienne Westwood was an iconic British designer who changed the face of fashion. You can learn more about her life and work by exploring ‘Dear Vivienne’, the MVFW installation and game (-75, -4). Find out more at

In the final decade of her life, Vivienne devoted herself to environmental and economic activism. She made all of her catwalks digital to reduce their climate impact, and promoted ‘anti-fashion’ – a more conscious approach to fashion. This placed self-expression and well-made designs over ‘fast-fashion’, exploitation and consumerism (which Vivienne believed had begun to dominate the fashion industry).

Let’s celebrate this spirit with the ‘anti-fashion’ creativity already in Decentraland!

To walk the catwalk, you can book your place by following and sending a DM to @vueltta. Places reserved on a first come basis.

You can wear your own ‘anti-fashion’ designs or wearables you have collected. Art collective Vueltta will take your photo for a special IRL exhibition planned for later this year.



COACH is looking this today 🙂 we love it


Ok, i finally died when i heard the Story about the Wearables from Phygicode

The Team worked with the unique Designer Rubin Singer on this Dress (so please ATTENTION you have gotten for a FREE Wearable) 

My chin falls also now to my knees! This fabulous epic unique dress is inspired by the iconic SUPERMODEL KATE MOSS she was wearing this Dress in 2019.

Finally, meet Andrea Abrams in DCL for a picture, i love it!

Ok, here i show you the incredible Wearables. 

Phygicode Dress MVFW23

There are only about 2.600 pc available from the Dress! FOMO

Phygicode Dress Cloak

There are only about 2.585 pc available from the Dress Cloak Wearable for MEN only. FOMO

Phygicode Dress Wings

There are only about 1.000 pc available from the Phygicode Dress Wings Wearable for MEN / Woman. FOMO

I really love the Story behind this dress and it is a wonderful last Day here to celebrate the Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland.

Closing Party

@supernina with @fabricant Supernina created this amazing Emote inspired of Rave and Techno Dance „GABBER“ 


Closing Party at DKNY:

The closing Party from DKYN was absolutely MAJOR! As i already mentioned in my first Article the building in Decentraland was stunning. The Party was on the roof top and also there you got a free Emote to claim.

Missing already #MWFW2023 with this great Woman

Last but not least the Red Carpet Event with Talia Zoref 


xoxo more to come, here is my last article CLICK