$MONG Claim for MongsNFT holders

$MONG Claim for MongsNFT holders

For the love of the MONG

Hello Beauties,

MongsNFT overview

MongsNFTs were minted on the 9th of January 2022 and sold out in 17mins. The project was developed to complement the Mongoose meme and has been widely adopted by the community, growing a dedicated group of diamond-handed Mong believers. Since the launch of $MONG the floor has seen some solid price action, now sitting at 0.084 ETH (approx 3x mint price). The artwork is by OG pixel artist Jon Trafford, who worked with Warner Bros in the 90s on Sega games like Bugs Bunny.


$MONG Rewards

Before the launch of $MONG we decided to allocate 6.9% of the token supply towards MongsNFT rewards. These tokens will be distributed over time once certain market cap milestones are reached.

You can view the NFT Rewards account here.

Future Mongz

You might have noticed the 2.9% allocation towards “Future Mongz”. This will be a future MongsNFT collection utilizing a burn mechanism. Those who dare to burn 3 Mongs will receive 1 Future Mong + a proportional cut of the 2.9% $MONG allocation. This will incentivize holders to burn floor Mongs from the OG collection, reducing supply and curating the collection to a higher standard.

Royal Mongs

Earlier this year a new technology was released allowing NFTs or “Inscriptions” in this case to be published onto the Bitcoin blockchain. We were lucky enough to inscribe a collection of Royal Mongs with >50% of the inscriptions below the 100K inscription range. Some of these Royal Mongs will be available for purchase with $MONG.

More info on Bitcoin Ordinals here.

So when can I claim my $MONG!!!

The MongsNFT reward platform has been developed and is currently going through final testing before we deploy the contract. We expect it to be live within the next 24–48hrs. We had planned to release earlier but have been run off our feet with the early success of $MONG.

Claim UI preview

I love the story behind the Mongs.